Eleanor Fulcher – Changing Looks – Changing Lives

In 1960, Eleanor Fulcher borrowed $500 to start her own self-improvement and modeling agency. There were few, if any, women who had their own business then. Women were encouraged to become a teacher, a nurse, a secretary or a stewardess. The ultimate goal for all women was to marry and have children. In spite of these established guidelines, Eleanor Fulcher went on to build the most successful self-improvement and modeling school and model agency in Canada. Then, in 1980, she opened the first spa in Canada. For anyone who would like a few pointers on what it takes to become an entrepreneur – or if you just want some tips on how to build more confidence – this book is a MUST READ.

A Memoir

In her inspiring memoir, Eleanor Fulcher tells her amazing life story with energy, humour and honesty. Growing up in Toronto’s east end, Eleanor gained confidence through dance, sports and self-reliance. But it was the 1940s and ‘50s, and a young woman was expected to become a nurse, stewardess, teacher or secretary – only until she became a stay-at-home mom. Eleanor wanted more, so in 1960, she borrowed $500 and started the Eleanor Fulcher School of beauty, which eventually became Canada’s largest and most successful school of modeling, self-improvement and talent. Later, she opened Canada’s first spa. Eleanor Fulcher was the fashion and beauty celebrity, appearing on television and radio, captivating audiences as a public speaker, writing a newspaper column, producing the annual sold-out Eleanor Fulcher Model of the Year Awards Fashion Show, and much more – plus raising a family. Four decades and thousands of students later, the values of the Eleanor Fulcher School remain true: the cornerstone of real beauty is realizing your full potential – something Eleanor Fulcher knows a lot about.

This is one woman’s story, but it is also a story about beauty and fashion through the decades, the glamorous world of modeling (and the sometimes not-so-glamorous world behind the scenes), and how the roles of men and women have evolved. Packed with stories from a life well lived, Changing Looks – Changing Lives is also a practical how-to book about finding your own style, voice and passion, written by someone who’s done it all – and who is still ready for anything!

This is a compelling story of business success but it is also a warm and human account of a woman who has met competition, rivalry, chauvinism and disappointment with grace and a sense of humour.

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